Tag Rules

1. A tag is free when you join the BDGC ($20). You can join the club and get a tag at the course before a Tag Round. You may not participate in a Tag Challenge without a tag. You can buy a replacement tag for $5 if your tag is lost or stolen. The Challenge runs from March 1 to October 31.

2. Tag Challenges are held on Wednesdays at 6:00pm (5:30 for the first Tag round of the year). No player will be allowed to join in a tag round once the groups are picked. Rounds start on time. Plan to arrive 10 minutes early to sign up and get ready to play.

3. The lowest tag holder decides from which tees the round will be played.

4. The winner of the round will be awarded the lowest numbered tag available. The next best score gets the next lowest available tag, and so on. All ties will favor the tag holder who entered the round with the lower tag number.

5. Players have the option of contributing $1 for Ace insurance prior to the start of a tag round. The ace fund will be split between players who throw an Ace (hole in one) during the round. The Ace prize is only available to those who paid $1 prior to the round and checked their name on the sign-in sheet as proof.

6. Scoring: The first 10 tags are gold; the remainder are orange. Players' scores are determined by the lowest tag number obtained during a given month. (e.g., if tag 23 is the lowest you earned in April, you get 23 points for that month) At the end of the year, your worst month's score is dropped and the rest is totaled.

7. In case of a scoring tie, to determine the Tag winner at the end of the year, there will be a one round playoff. Should this end in a tie, the players will play additional holes until one player wins a hole outright.

8. Courteous behavior is expected. Players are cautioned not to talk when other players are throwing. No one should walk ahead of the furthest lie or stand in the vision line of a shooting player.

9. Play continues in all weather except lighting. Lightning voids the round and players get their starting tag back. All other DNF rounds regardless of cause (including injury) leaves the player with the highest tag number available.

10. The Tag Boss will be the sole arbitrator of Tag Round disputes.

11. Gold Tag #1 is the most coveted tag of the Challenge. It may not remain out of play for more than 1 Tag rounds. If the #1 tag is not present for two consecutive tag rounds, a duplicate #1 tag will be placed back in circulation at the start of the second tag round. Any holder of tag #1 violating the "Holding" rule will lose the credit for winning the #1 tag in that month and will be credited with his next lowest tag score. To avoid this sanction, #1 tag holders are encouraged to keep the tag in play or turn it in prior to the start of the second tag round after it was won.

12. All other gold tags must make at least one appearance in any given month or a duplicate will be put into circulation in the following month.

13. Have fun!