November – Winter Squads is coming!!!

Now that 2014 Tags are over, we will be starting something a little different on Wednesday nights in November.  The officers have divided the club into 4 teams who will compete for points each week for their squad.

We will start at 530p at Sherwood Oaks.  There is no cost to play for current club members.  New players are also still welcome to join the club and play for a prorated $10 club fee.  If you have not been assigned to a squad yet, just show up and you will be added to one of the 4 rosters!

Here’s how it works:

For example, if 10 players show… 10, 9, 8, 7 points for your squad and so on for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. in that week.  Points are cumulative, so participation is obviously crucial to squad success.  Squad Standings will be kept weekly here on the results page until the end of February.  The winning squad will earn Squad Champ hoodies and a little celebration gathering hosted by the squad captains.
The goal is to drive participation during the winter months.  Yes, it will get get cold and snowy between now and the end of February, but only the strongest, most resilient squad will come out at the end as 2014-2015 Winter Squad Champs!
See you at Sherwood!  Bring some glow discs if you have them, because the time change happens November 2nd.  We will try to get some LEDs and order some glow discs for purchase through the club.

November Calendar:

Squads (Wednesdays at 5:30pm) are at Sherwood Oaks.

Random-draw Doubles (Saturdays at 11am) are at Crestmont.