Player Profile: Nelson Cano


Club Member: Nelson Cano
Hometown: Greenville, NC
Occupation: Furniture Restorer and Builder
Playing Since: 1988
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Putter of Choice: DX Aviar
Midrange of Choice: Champion TeeBird
Driver of Choice: Star Wraith or Star Destroyer
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Discgolf Achievement: Tournament Win in Springfield, IL
Favorite Course: Callaway’s Course
Favorite Hole: Any I can throw!
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Favorite Band: Beck, Dead, Ry Cooder, Ravi, Flight of the Concords
Favorite TV Show: Walking Dead
Favorite Movie: Riddick, The Good The Bad and The Ugly, Kung Fu Hustle, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Kung Fu Theatre
Favorite Sports Team: Batchelor Middle School Bulldogs
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One thing people may not know: My middle name is Richard